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Preparing For My First Conference

I signed up for my first conference and am very excited about it. After making the decision to attend, I realized that I had no idea what I would need to take with me, what I should do while I’m there, or how to prepare to make the best of the event. The particular conference I am going to is a one day conference. I’m looking forward to learning from the speakers and meeting others in the writing community! Since I am new to this experience and needed some help, I started researching. I found that there is quite a bit more than taking a notebook and pen.

According to my research, if I really want to make it count, I need to go on a mini shopping trip. I already have my business cards printed and ready to go (YAY!).

I have a notebook and a reasonably sturdy bag, but I hadn’t even thought about making sure I bring a backup pen or that my pen is completely full. Breath mints…tissues…a folder? Why hadn’t I thought of those things? Oh yeah…because I’ve never done this before.

In case you’ve been in the same situation as me, below are a few links that helped me and I hope they help you!


Hopefully, with the help of these articles, I’ll be well prepared for tomorrow’s conference!