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Welcome to my new author page! I’m just starting out and learning as I go so please bare with me as I try to figure all this out.

Who am I: I am a young, aspiring author. I am trying to learn everything I can and enjoy writing more than I enjoy almost anything else in this world. I currently live with my husband and have a beautiful daughter. I work in IT full-time as well as go to school (for IT) full-time. I know, I know. “Why are you going to school for IT if what you want to do is write?” I started school before it fully dawned on me that I could make writing a full-time career. Now that I’ve realized that, I’m a little too far into the program to change things (not to mention my employer is paying for my classes so there’s that as well).

What am I working on: Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time researching everything I can about writing and what it takes to become a published author and to make it a full-time gig. What really prompted this, however, is a book I’ve been working on for about 4 years now. It’s a young adult book about a self-aware robot searching for answers to the mysterious disappearance of her maker. I also write miscellaneous things on another blog I have (An Attempt At Release)

What to Expect: I will be posting updates when I write a little more in my book. I’ll probably also post links to my other blog when I feel what I’ve written on there is really interesting.

What other ways can you reach me: I now have a few social media sites set up to promote my work. You can reach me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and through my Contact Me page.

Please don’t judge me too harshly for how bare my pages are. I just set these up yesterday and hope to work on them a bit more everyday. I look forward to learning from other authors and if you have any advice, feel free to comment below or contact me directly! Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to get to know me a bit more!

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  1. Good luck trying to turn writing into a full time job. Only a small percentage of writers ever manage that. I’m not trying to discourage you. Making a living with writing is my dream as well. I’ve been published in more than a dozen anthologies over the past three years. During that time I’ve also written a middle grade novella and a full length fantasy novel. It’s easier to publish the shorter work but they don’t really pay. Anyway, good luck to you! Hope I haven’t been a bummer ?

    1. Not a bummer at all. I’ve been building a tough skin reminding myself that this is hard work and that I can’t give up. Thank you for your encouragement and congrats on being published! Good luck to you and your future writing as well!

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